Our Mission

We Serve Those Who Serve Us

The ISL mission is to help protect the American people at home and abroad by delivering specialized supplies serving domestic, military, and diplomatic missions worldwide.

We take pride in supporting the men and women who have dedicated their lives to
protecting and serving our country.

Based on our customer's unique needs, we take our combined years of experience, relationships, and knowledge to create innovative solutions. We're supply chain specialists who meld strategy, operations, and technology to move quickly and execute our customer's mission.

Our Commitment to
Customer Service

To us, exceptional customer service means exceeding our customer's expectations with fast response times, cost-effective solutions, and clear communication every time.

What Can ISL Do For You?

Are you committed to maximizing your product and logistics investments to achieve your agency, command, or organizational goals? Then we're the right partner for you.

Contact us today, and let's get a conversation started to see how we can customize a solution that meets your unique needs.


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