Heavy Weapons Carriage System


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Heavy Weapons Carriage System

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20+ parts

Solution Items Include

  • Heavy Weapons Carriage Solutions for”
    • M240 Gun Teams
    • 60 MM and 81 MM Mortar Sections
    • Carl Gustav and Javelin Gunner Teams
    • Engineer Sappers
    • Electronic Warefare Teams
    • Sniper Teams
  • Improved Optics
  • Analog Defensive Position Products
  • Target Ranging Products

DLA TLS & S2P2 Ready

Solution has a base set of approved products but is completely customizable for your mission or unique requirements

Solution Description

The ISL Weapons Carriage System allows Combat Arms, Special Operations Forces (SOF), and specialty Military Occupation Specialists (MOS) to efficiently carry the primary ammunition, additional rounds, additional equipment, and personal packing lists items required for training or deployed mission support.   The system also includes advanced optics and solutions to enable leaders and team members to accurately range, track and annotate targets and target reference points.



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