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Mar 16, 2020

Virginia Beach, VA – March 16, 2020 /PRnewswire/ – Incredible Supply & Logistics (ISL) is committed and prepared to provide the continuation of our services to our customers and partners during the global response to the COVID-19 virus.  With secure technology-based customer solutions, we are positioned to continue to provide our core services without interruption.  The threats to an organization’s continuity of operations are significant during natural disasters and a pandemic outbreak, and as part of our existing Business Continuity Plan (BCP), we will deliver our essential functions and services without interruption. 

“We are considering all future scenarios and instituting plans to minimize any impact on our business and our client’s businesses and organizations” stated President and CEO of Incredible Supply & Logistics (ISL), Chris Faison, “While the current situation is unprecedented, we will adapt to whatever is required to serve our customers, partners and employees.”

Incredible Supply & Logistics (ISL) has established the following mitigation strategies to ensure essential operations can continue during the spread of COVID-19.

  • Incredible Supply & Logistics (ISL) senior management will continually monitor official third-party communications, regarding the rate and effects of infectious disease, specific to areas of essential worker concentration globally. Communications monitored will include those from the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and applicable local and state agencies.
  • Incredible Supply & Logistics (ISL), as a baseline for operations, enables all employees to work remotely and provides the equipment, connectivity and applicable applications, and resources to ensure long-term viability of Incredible Supply & Logistics (ISL)’s core business and offerings, regardless of restrictions on office accessibility.
  • Incredible Supply & Logistics (ISL) staff have access to laptops and have been instructed to take their laptops home daily in case of an office shutdown. All employees have access to secure VPN and remote collaboration tools to ensure work will continue if a mandatory work from home policy is imposed.
  • Communications from our Human Resources and Business Continuity Team ensures all staff is made aware of restrictions on face-face meetings, non-essential business travel, as well as restrictions on returning to work after having been out on sick leave.


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